Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lucky Number ..... 30 !!!

-- July 16th, 2012 --

It's Monday and my birthday ^^ Can't put the smile away from my face since I woke up this morning. Such a happy feeling to wake up next to Matteo, we cuddled up and he greeted me with his cute smile. Andre was already left at that time, but he gave me a birthday kiss early in the morning before he left to the office. 

The birthday present was arrived a little bit earlier ...few days before my birthday. Andre took me to one of the Global Teleshop outlet in Plaza Indonesia and I was greeted by a shopkeeper guy who told me this crap : "Congratulations Mam! You are our 1000th customer of the day, we have a gift for you " (at that time, I didn't pay attention to what he said about "the 1000th customer of the day" which I realized later was kinda absurd haha). When the shopkeeper handed me a wrapped box and asked me to open it, I was hesitated at first but Andre asked me to do so.

And this was what I found inside the box :

Afterwards I realized there were some people looked at me and smiled as I cried (yes, reading the letter made me cried ~.~) and hugged Andre and Matteo.

There goes my birthday surprise :)) The happy feeling completed as I received many wishes from friends and relatives. Some of them even spare some time to call. Thank you so much!

God thank you for the wonderful journey so far. 
30 years of my life, You have given me a good health,  a wonderful family and friends, a loving husband and a healthy baby boy. 
Please help me to become a better person as a daughter, a friend, a sister, a wife and a mother. 
Give me a pure heart so I can be a loving person and give comfort to others. 
Blessed my days and my plans, take my hands and walk with me as I go through my life journey.
I love You, and thank You thank You for Your gift of love. I am forever blessed.

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